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Club Nautico has brought together experts in marina management and the hospitality industry to offer world-class business management and facilities maintenance services to your marina. Our comprehensive operations and management policies will set your marina apart from the competition and help you continue to meet and exceed your customers’ expectations.  

But, we can’t get there without you. Our goal is to be your partner. We will take the time to get to know you, your marina, your goals and your challenges so that we can give you a system that works. Together, we can create a high-quality and enjoyable experience for you and your customers – a true win-win for everyone. 

Marina Design and Build Management

Club Nautico has a proven track record implementing successful design and build projects for marinas. Prior to starting any design and build project, Club Nautico will conduct a market study to determine needs, cost and possible timelines. From there, we can support marinas with RFP writing and grant applications, as well as designing marina layouts and obtaining permitting. Once underway, Club Nautico will oversee the entire project, including hiring trustworthy and qualified contractors and selecting the most suitable products. Last, but not least, every design and build project that we consult on includes life cycle maintenance planning so that you get the most out of your investment, for the longest period of time.

Marina Inventory Tracking

​At times, running a marina can feel like a logistical nightmare. The constant flow of goods and services between your marina, your customers and your vendors needs to be managed proactively.

Club Nautico Marinas has developed an inventory management system that will help you minimize the total cost of your inventory while maximizing the ability to service your customers. Further, our experts are available to direct logistics on-site so that you can provide a seamless experience across the different platforms used by your vendors, employees and customers.

Marina Marketing

​At Club Nautico, we strongly believe that developing a comprehensive marketing program, and backing it up with steady implementation, can make a lasting impact on the success of a marina. As such, we have marketing experts on our team who will develop an overall marketing strategy, and then apply the resources needed to execute on tactics. Even better, as boaters ourselves, we understand the maritime industry on a personal level and will apply that knowledge to better position your marina.

Prior to developing any kind of marketing plan, Club Nautico will analyze current marketing activities, market conditions, customer feedback and more to determine what is, and isn’t, working. From there, we will map out a plan that incorporates a variety of marketing techniques, from traditional to digital, in order to differentiate the marina from its competition and provide value-added benefits to customers.

Marina Training, Development and Engagement

Club Nautico is proud to employ teammates from all different backgrounds, with different aspirations. We believe that regardless of these different situations, everyone can benefit from learning. Our management training and career development programs are deployed at every location and we encourage all associates to take advantage of our substantial online training library as an optional resource. 

From customer service and public speaking, to personal health and wellness, our Learning Management System provides provides customers with great tools for learning, as well as information sharing and social collaboration, driving a culture of inclusion and engagement. 

Marina Vendor Management

Successfully managing great vendors is critical to a marina’s success. But, when you’re running a marina, organizing vendors and contracts can be stressful and time consuming. 

By letting Club Nautico manage your vendors and contracts, you can save yourself time and money, while ensuring a seamless experience for your customers and employees.

As part of our holistic management approach, Club Nautico will negotiate, support and manage all executed and effective contracts that you have with your various vendors, partners and employees. Further, we can source additional vendors to reduce costs or bring new features to your marina. 

Marina Customer Service 

A cornerstone of Club Nautico experience is a fun, social and consistent customer experience. We believe that if boaters are having a great time at your marina, you will too.​ The Club Nautico team has more than 30 years of experience in customer service and hospitality best practices. We will help you implement policies to ensure that your customers are receiving the best service possible from your employees and vendors. Further, we have the tools needed to manage the customer experience at your marina from the moment a slip is reserved, until checkout. 

But, we don’t stop at policies. Club Nautico recently conducted market research to determine what boaters want most in a marina – and we will use that data to ensure that your marina meets and exceeds expectations. 

Whether it’s an online boat slip rental system, provisions delivery, social events or online reputation management, Club Nautico can help you with all your customer service needs.

Marina Facilities Maintenance

At Club Nautico, we care deeply about facility management, maintenance, safety and compliance.

​Marina facilities must be well maintained and regularly inspected to ensure that they are safe. They also need to be designed and constructed to minimize hazards for employees, boaters and their families. Club Nautico Marinas facilities management engineers will work with you to coordinate and direct the maintenance of your facility, including space allocation, infrastructure, operations and maintenance, engineering, housekeeping and other related services. We will also ensure that your marina is in compliance with all regulations, so that you don’t have to worry.

In addition, it is our goal to minimize the total life cycle cost of your facility, so that you can reduce waste and maximize revenue. We develop comprehensive facilities life cycle plans that are in concert with your long-term vision, daily operations and target financial projections.  By integrating professional, industry-leading best practices with state of the art facilities management software, Club Nautico will help you stay on top of your facility so that you can reap the rewards of long-term planning and efficiency.


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