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Unparalleled Access

We stand in the interception of luxury and experiences. We believe in creating valuable touch points for our partners to leverage their audience and clients with the help of us. We find value in what you bring to the table, so it only makes sense for us to elevate the relationship where everyone wins.

We offer our partners:

  • Preferred Booking Rates
  • 5%-15% Commissions
  • Guaranteed Availability
  • 24/7 Experience Experts Access
  • Cross-marketing opportunities
  • Special events access

Yacht Management service in South Florida

The Club Nautico Charter Agency supports yachts in all destinations via a quality controlled service for any inquiry in ports of call. Our fully professional local and international team of yachting experts are able to offer insight, advice and assistance to virtually any query, ashore at berth or at anchor at any time.

Owning a yacht is supposed to be a pleasure, whether for private use or charter. Most of our owners live a certain distance from their yachts and therefore a locally based multilingual company assists greatly in alleviating the day to day arrangements, planning; and bills associated with ownership. Yacht Management is designed to assist both the captain and the owner, by offering a shore based support team to handle all aspects of running the yacht, leaving more time for the crew to handle the physical aspect of the day to day running of the yacht, and the owner more time to enjoy his investment.

It has been proven that managed yachts, are often able to complete more days cruising throughout the season, due to the support of a land-based team who can be used as back up when maintenance work needs doing quickly, or a berth needs to be found, or supplies in a foreign country need to be sourced. Along with this we can also take control of the yacht`s accounts and administration, including all book keeping and any flag related issues regarding cruising itineraries etc.

The Inner Circle of Luxury

Our vision is to drive the luxury yachting industry to the next level and combine and array of partners with unique offerings to grow and enhance the robust network of clients we serve.

It’s a Win-Win


New Revenue

Build new streams of revenue expanding our partner’s strategic approach to new business and client retention methods.


Brand Affinity

Associate with our partners, creating multiple brand touch points to generate awareness and build co-branded opportunities to drive decision makers.



Provide our preferred partners a unique value offering that provides access to a coveted group of products and services.


At your fingertips

At Club Nautico we created a yacht rental marketplace at your fingertips on clubnauticousa.com with our on-demand sales advisory team available 24/7 365 days.

We allow our clients to explore our collection of yachts, experiences and party boats for them to be able to customize their own experience. We share a common goal, and that is to provide a white glove seamless experience with any of our clients.

Competitive Prices

We own our fleet, avoid brokerage fees and book your trip today with us. Best Price GUARANTEED!

Dedicated Customer Service

With access to our Charter Consultants 24/7 as well as our U.S. Coast Guard licensed Captains and highly trained crew and hostesses, we are providing our clients the most in depth and complete charter service available.

Rest assured that when you choose Club Nautico to plan your charter, you will receive the best that the charter industry has to offer.

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